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Art Of War Сlan Codex. (EN)

Сообщение Adamant » 19 фев 2012, 11:20

The clan operates within the limits of game rules.
The given Codex is the main document of a clan.
The decision on change and Codex addition is accepted by the Head of clan.

Head of clan:
- Has the highest authority in the clan.
- Makes decisions on all questions of activity of a clan.

Vice head of clan:
- Coordinates the activities of the clan.
- Solves all the issues on management of the clan in the absence of the Head of the Clan.
- Adviser of the Head of clan

Each clan member must:
- To help fellow clan.
- To respect and abide by the laws of the clan and the rules of the game.
- To follow instructions of the Head of clan and councilors.
- In every possible way to promote prosperity and respect of a clan.
- Do not distribute private information without the permission of the clan Head or councilors.
- To carry out their duties conscientiously and responsibly.

Each member of the clan is forbidden:
- Break the Codex;
- To consist in other clan;
- To disclose any information which is confidential, obtained within the clan, to third parties;
- To show disrespectful and aggressive behavior to players (except for having the status "Out of the law");
- To be engaged in trade in a clan.
- To use rude lexicon for expression of the thoughts.

Each clansman has the right:
- To receive the help from a clan in getting of various things, equipments and to improvement of the character.
- On the statement of the ideas and thoughts concerning clan improvement.
- On the reference to the Head of clan with the complaint.

Clan management is carried out by the Head of clan and councilors. At the heart of management principles of legality, impartiality and protection of interests of a clan and its members.

The head of clan has following powers:
- To make decisions on all questions of activity of the Clan, obligatory for execution by clansmen, except questions on which the decision can be accepted only by members of the Council.
- To represent a clan in relations with other clans, and as with server administration.
- To enter into the agreement with representatives of other clans.
- To solve points at issue between clansmen.
- To accept in a clan and to exclude from a clan.
- To propose to discuss the most important issues.
- To declare war and to conclude allies.
- Curtail the power of the Council (only in the presence of gross violations), which include:
Rudeness to other members of the council and clan.
Abuse of authority.
Making decisions that are contrary to the interests of the clan in order to achieve personal gain.

The Vice head of clan coordinates council activity and as replaces the head of clan in its absence.

Powers of Council:
- To appoint to the post or to displace councilors.
- To bring the head of clan an attention to the question on declaration of war or conclusion of peace.
- To bring an attention to the question the Head of clan about acceptance or an exception of clansmen.

This Codex can be added or changed under the decision of the Head of clan.

The established punishments:
1-2 infringement - the prevention.
3-4 infringement - penalty payment in clan treasury.
5 infringement - kick out.

Clan board:
The Head of Clan: Adamant
The Vice-head of Clan: Dellavin
Clan council: Buffiru; Lamerok; Imp; Spectr; Myoko; Ruslana; Kalipso

The Head of clan Art Of War - Adamant 27.09.2010

The Codex takes effect from the date of placement on the forum.
Не будите во мне зверя, когда он просыпается у него скверный характер.

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